Calculus Placement Exam

If you plan to enroll in Calculus I (MA-009), you should first take the Calculus Placement Exam.

The Calculus Placement exam will assess your readiness to take Calculus I (MA-009). You are on your honor to take the exam without using a calculator, and without consulting any other resources (e.g., people, internet, books). It is important for you to know whether you are ready for college-level calculus; an accurate placement will help you to be successful in your mathematics courses at Westmont College.

All of your answers will be entered online, but you should have some scratch paper ready to use during the exam.

This multiple choice exam consists of 30 problems. Once you start the exam, you will have 60 minutes to complete the exam; a countdown timer will appear in the corner of the page showing your remaining time. Make sure you answer all 30 problems before you click the "Grade Test" button. Clicking this button will end the exam and report your placement score, along with a placement recommendation. If you fail to click the "Grade Test" button before time runs out, you will receive a zero for the exam.

Click on the link below when you are ready to begin the exam. You will be sent to a page where you can log in to take the exam. Please log in using your Westmont email name (without the part) as your Username. Your password has been set to your seven-digit student ID number. It may take the system a few moments to generate a new version of the exam for you; please be patient.

Login to Take the Calculus Placement Exam (in a new window)

If you have already taken the exam and would like to review your work and be reminded of your score and placement recommendation, please log in to the Calculus Placement WeBWorK page and click on the link labelled "Calculus Placement (test 1)".